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Advantages of stain proof Shirt
Individuals, however intelligent, skill full they may be, will always welcome a little drink,coffee or other stained liquid on their shirts.
And here , we boost a query how to withstand these stains??
So, forget the situation, where you have to throw away shirts after you spill something on them.
Another great thing about our shirts is that they will also last longer, Terakreta Fashion shirts are stronger than the usual shirts you could find, and these are the advantage you should be looking for.

  • Our shirts stay cleaner, longer.
  • No more stains and not much to clean.
  • The stains will not stick on to the material and it makes stains just roll off.
  • Our stain proof shirts can be easily washed off with water .
  • The stains can be wiped clean with paper towel or fiber cloth.
  • Stainproof clothing usually have repellent properties which makes them resistant to stains and It helps garments stay cleaner, and prolonged as well.
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